Company brief introduction

Widen Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. We have been having high automation and simple mechanism of machines to lower customers’ production costs, reduce energy loss and protect the environment for more than 10 years. Our goal is to reach the best efficiency for machines. Our clients come from various countries across three continents as Widen emphasizes international trends. We will continually make an effort to develop more advanced machines for serving more customers.

Widen’s three-dimensional energy saving steamer has been improved. More precise flow rate is controlled before steam goes into the steamer so that steamer temperature can be finely controlled. To tie in with distribution pipe design (a special design with a patent); steam can be more smooth and even when it goes through a special Y- typed tee. This special Y- typed tee is different from the traditional tees which can led to too many resistances and wastes of too much steam energy because the flow rate is uneven. It can reduce 12% above of steam usage amount and also lower customers’ production costs compared to the traditional design after the production departments of customers use and test it.