Horizontal noodle mixer

Horizontal noodle mixer
Product Name : Horizontal noodle mixer
Product Model : T02

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    Product Character


    (1) Widen's continuous dough mixer uses a 4-section speed for mixing; time and speed can be adjusted individually and the vacuums are kept inside of the dough mixer. Also, to have the best flour strength by fully mixing when the air in the flour is removed and water is permeated into the center of flour due to the blades with a special design on dual spindle multiple blades.
    (2) Multi-nozzle high pressure atomization water adding is used as the water delivery method; the flour is unable to become the massive dough after mixing the flour when the flour absorbs the water fully and evenly in a short time.
    (3) The functions, which are designed for this horizontal dough mixer, are variable frequency speed regulation, PLC programmable controller, human-machine interface operation, abnormal failure self-diagnosis, and simple operation. It can be operated either manually or automatically according to customers’ requirements.
    (4) Interlayer design is used for the whole horizontal dough mixer body; either the hot water (for the frigid zone) or icy water (for the hot zone) can be passed through the machine. We suggest that the best mixing temperature of the T02 continuous dough mixer is kept at 25℃~30℃.
    (5) All parts, which contact flour, are made of SUS 304 material, mixing blades are treated with SUS304 precision casting surface polishing process. If you need other types of dough machines, please contact your reliable noodle making machine suppliers - WIDEN!