Noodle compound rolling machine

Noodle compound rolling machine
Product Name : Noodle compound rolling machine
Product Model : T07

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    Product Character


    (1) The surface of rollers is treated with a special hardening process; the surface layer can’t be rusty because it is treated with electroplating to enforce its hardness and reduce the situation occurred that the dough adheres to the rollers; it is easy to clean the rollers after production is finished.
    (2) This machine consists of 3 sets of rollers. To have a better mouthfeel of noodles, the loose dough is pressed and rolled to form the two-layer dough sheets by 2 sets of rollers and then the two-layer dough sheets are compounded by the third set of rollers to form the single-layer dough sheets.
    (3) It is controlled automatically by a sensor to ensure the feeding is stable.
    (4) Each set of rollers is independent power for easy operation and maintenance.