Three-dimensional energy
saving steamer

Three-dimensional energy <br/>saving steamer
Product Name : Three-dimensional energy
saving steamer
Product Model : T09

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    Product Character


    (1) Special steam spoiler design that steam can be kept for much longer in the steamer. It can be the most effective and save the energy when using less steam.
    (2) More precise flow rate is controlled before steam goes into the steamer so that steamer temperature can be finely controlled. To tie in with distribution pipe design (a special design with a patent), steam can be more smooth and even when it goes through a special Y- typed tee. This special Y- typed tee is different from the traditional tees which can led to too many resistances and wastes of too much steam energy because the flow rate is uneven. It can reduce 12% above of steam usage amount compared to the traditional design after the production departments of customers use and test it.