Noodle Falling Case Machine
(Square Noodle)

Noodle Falling Case Machine<br> (Square Noodle)
Product Name : Noodle Falling Case Machine
(Square Noodle)
Product Model : N01

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    Product Character


    (1) The surface of the roller is doing specially hardened, and the surface layer is electroplated with chrome to enhance the hardness to prevent rust, and also to reduce the sticking of the dough to the roller. It is easy to clean after production.

    (2) Straight Noodle Machine is composed of three sets of rollers. The noodles are formed by calendering according to a certain example through each set of rollers. Therefore, the thickness of the noodles is uniform and the taste of noodles is increased.

    (3) The machine is controlled by sensor in order to ensure the stability of the material supply.

    (4) Each roller is independent power and easy to operate and maintain.

    (5) It’s a patent drop box mechanism and can be reduced labor costs. Only needs three to four person to operate the machine.

    (6) It can make 108 pieces square noodle per minus. The weight error range is ±3g.